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Bright & Beautiful With The Perfect Fit!

A seemingly small detail with a major impact, our rugs are sure to light up any room with the perfect finishing touch!

Best of all, each showstopping creation can be tailor made to your specifications.

Want a piece of art uniquely your own? We can do that too.

Explore our many options and indulge in the variety of colors and styles!

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Quick, Ethical & All Natural


Fast & Free Shipping

Ethically Sourced.jpg

Ethically Sourced

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All Natural Fibers

Feel extra relaxed knowing your order isn't just a stylish addition to your home, but also for our planet!


Meet Morgan

A full time Mama & interior design enthusiast, Morgan understands what it's like to want style with a big side of function!

With her keen eye for detail and love for finding the perfect piece, Kes Collections came to life! 

When she's not working on Kes Collections, Morgan can be found going on adventures with her husband, daughter and dog, Mosby.

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For The Love Of Rugs

"I’m obsessed with Kes Collections rugs. I have three and want more if I had the space! They put a smile on my face every day and I’ve gotten so many compliments"

— Allison B.

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